Unlinking your account from social media

If you want to switch your account back to a normal username/password from your social media account login, you will need to:

  1. Login to your account using your usual social media account (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft etc).
  2. Once there, open your Account Settings.
  3. Click the account you wish to unlink under "Disconnect Social Accounts"
  4. When prompted, enter and confirm a new login password for your Sims Resource account

Note: if you are switching from a FACEBOOK login, please ensure your email address is also entered correctly (older Facebook accounts used to create a fake email address of your-username@facebook and if you don't change that, you won't be able to manage your own account (such as change password) at a later date.

You will now be able to sign into your account with your Sims Resource username and password.

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