Full refunds

As stated in our Terms Of Use, we will give you a full refund provided that:

  • You apply within 14 days of payment
  • You have not used the subscription (we allow 1 download so that you can test the service).

If you have used the subscription, we might still be able to issue a partial refund (see below).

Partial refunds

If you've purchased a longer term plan but you no longer wish to keep it, we can issue a partial refund for the remaining months you've not used.

Longer-term plans are always sold at a discount.  If you wish to obtain a partial refund, you lose your right to that longer-term discount and your plan is switched back to a monthly plan.   So your partial refund will be calculated as follows:

  • multiply the months that have already been used, by the cost of a standard monthly plan
  • deduct this sum from the amount you paid (whether this was full price or a coupon discount)

As an example:

  • you buy a 12-month plan - heavily discounted to $36 instead of $72 because you committed to a full term
  • you use 2 months and then decide you don't wish to keep the remainder, cancelling the long-term commitment
  • 2 months use on a standard plan is 2 x $6 (so $12)
  • we deduct the $12 from the $36 payment, giving you a refund of $24

Note: Partial refunds cannot be backdated - they're only available for remaining unused periods of your subscription.  Partial refunds cannot be offered on monthly plans.

Refunds due to errors

We understand that mistakes can be made, and we will always put them right for you. If we can see you made a genuine mistake such as buying a duplicate subscription, we will refund the duplicate in full, backdated to the point you made the purchase.  If you've purchased the wrong plan, we can switch you to the correct plan and calculate a refund for the remainder of the incorrect plan that you didn't use.  Simply contact us and we can advise.

Note: PayPal and most banks and card issuers will not permit refunds older than 6 months.  We have no control over that.  So if the mistake you've discovered is older than 6 months, we might not be able to refund you in full or at all.  Instead, we can leave a credit on your account for a future purchase, give you the value of the loss in days or, on request, transfer your remaining days to another user you name on our site.

Gift card purchases

If you've purchased a gift card but cannot for any given reason use it, we can refund the purchase and invalidate the card.  However, we regret we cannot refund gift cards that have already been redeemed.  Once a gift card has been redeemed, it is considered 'used' and non-refundable.

Bank fees

We will only ever charge you the prices shown in our online store.  If you have been charged fees in addition (whether taxes, currency conversion or other bank handling fees), these will have been charged by your bank, not us, so we can't refund those.  Please contact your bank about these fees.

How to apply

Please raise a ticket in the Support Center using the account on which you would like a refund.  If you are reporting a duplicate purchase on different accounts, please provide the username and member ID of the other account (these can be found on your Profile Page).

How long will my refund take?

Refunds are carried out by our staff so there is a possibility that, at busy times, we might not get to your request immediately.  We have a published turnaround standard of 24-72 hours to answer all support queries, but we do answer most within 24 hours and often within just a few hours.  Bear in mind that, if our Service Status page is showing any issues, our Support Center will likely be inundated so it might take us longer to reply.  But we WILL reply.

Once we've processed your refund, if you paid by PayPal, the refund is usually very quick - sometimes within minutes.  If you paid by credit card or any other method, it does depend on the speed with which your bank clears the refund.  Most take somewhere (as an approximate guide) between 5 - 10 business days.

Refunds and disputes

We're sorry but, if you open a dispute with your bank or other payment service, we cannot refund you (disputes lock the ability to refund until the dispute case is heard - which can take a number of weeks.  We then have no choice but to submit evidence to prove we made a correct charge (that's part of the process).  Whether you're refunded or not will then depend on the outcome with whom you raised the dispute.

Note: if you dispute fraudulently (ie you make use of our service then dispute or perform an illegal chargeback), you will be banned permanently from using our service again.  We have zero tolerance for criminal behaviour.  We urge that, where possible, you contact us first.  We always reply and do our best to help where we can.

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