I paid but my VIP isn't working

Logout and refresh usually fixes it

When you've just purchased VIP, it doesn't always show while you're still signed in to TSR.  Don't worry - your VIP is likely active but your browser hasn't updated the page for you.

To fix this:

  1. Go to the My Account menu at the top and click Log out
  2. Close ALL open browsers 
  3. Open your browser and log back in to TSR
  4. Now perform a deep refresh (usually by pressing the keys Ctrl & F5 at the same time - we have more detailed guidance for different browsers here)

This will fix your VIP unless your payment is delayed.

Payment delays

When we buy anything on the internet, we expect it to be instant (and it usually is when your payment method is a standard bank or credit card, or you use PayPal).  However, many payment methods DON'T release funds immediately.  When ordering physical goods, we don't notice the delay because the goods aren't often going to arrive until the next day or so anyway, but if you use those payment methods for a service, then the delay becomes noticeable!

Where is my VIP?  I paid by Klarna/iDeal/Giropay (or other local method)

Many of the 'local' payment methods do not release their funds to us immediately.  One of the worst services for delay is iDeal, followed by Klarna.  iDeal can take between 24 to 72 hours before payment is sent to us, while Klarna and Giropay can be up to 48 hours.  Other providers such as BanContact and MyBank release a little quicker, but can still be subject to a short delay.

Until the money is collected by our payment service, VIP will not be triggered. If you are caught in one of these delays, contact our Support team and we will investigate the payment.  If it is still pending (ie it hasn't failed already), we can credit you with some VIP to get you up and running while we wait for the payment service to release your funds.

Where is my VIP? I paid by credit card/PayPal

Normally, when you pay with credit card or PayPal, the service is available instantly (though you might need to refresh your browser as above).  If for any reason it is not, that means your payment failed.  HOWEVER, failed payments can take up to 3 days or so before they are ever reflected on your statement, so if in doubt, contact our Support team and we can investigate for you.  A failed payment WILL be credited back to you by your bank or card issuer, or the transaction simply removed altogether.  

Check your subscription days remaining

You can check the progress of your subscription, see when renewal is due and also cancel at any time by going to your subscription settings.

If you don't see a subscription there but you did purchase one recently, it could be you're signed into the wrong TSR account (this frequently happens when people switch from a standard username/password login to a social media linked account such as Facebook or Google).  If you need help tracing any potential second account, please raise a ticket in our support center.

Site problems

Occasionally, our payment and subscription services might be down, or there was a site glitch.  Firstly, if this happens, we're deeply sorry!  This is not what we want for you at all, but it can happen.  Secondly, we will be able to see whether your payment came through or not, and fix your VIP access for you.  Simply raise a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where we can't fix service problems immediately, we will credit you with free time so you can at least access VIP until we can repair it for you.

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